SIMPLE Leverage Worldwide White Paper Explains Everything

SIMPLE LEVERAGE WORLDWIDE CrowdFunding for the Entrepreneur

By Jack Cupp

  • PURPOSE: This paper is filled with insights that come from more than a decade of receiving $100 bills to my front door.  And my experience is yours to help you enjoy a STEADY STREAM OF $100 BILLS TO YOUR DOOR!

  • WHAT IS SIMPLE LEVERAGE WORLDWIDE (SLW)? SLW is a very simple (of course) opportunity in which members send cash one time to enroll and qualify to receive an unlimited stream of $100 bills to their front door. Unlike programs that offer you online products, usually with little or no value, or require an auto-ship of products you may or may not want, SLW emphasizes the one product everyone loves and understands: Cash!

– SIMPLE LEVERAGE WORLDWIDE IS CROWDFUNDING! Not only are NOT a gifting program, but our business model fits the textbook definition of Crowd Funding, which is: the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people. Crowdfunding is now the most popular way to raise money worldwide.

This makes us the first in the world to develop a crowdfunding platform to help individuals accumulate cash for an ‘undetermined’ purpose; e.g., most people go to crowdfunding to pay for medical bills or some specific purpose; our members will accumulate the cash and then allocate it to specific personal needs. The huge advantage of this is cash can be accumulated in advance of an emergency.

    • CASH IS AGAIN NUMBER 1: Today’s economy is uncertain at best, and most people around the world wonder about the future. Warren Buffet, perhaps the world’s best known and most respected investor, said, on CNN:


“There is really only one way to protect yourself…and that is to have a very sizable amount of cash available. If you don’t have at least $100,000 in cash in 12 months’ time, the next 3-5 years are going to be very painful.”

  • TODAY CASH IS BOTH FUN AND NECESSARY: We also believe attaining $100,000 in cash is realistic with our SLW. It is ambitious, we know, and maybe an intimidating number for you, but can be obtained in less than a year if you just do what works as outlined here.


  • Here are some of the elements of SLW:

  • 1. Much better technology than the ever before, including an advanced back office more comprehensive and even easier to use and personalize. YOU DO NOT NEED ANY SPECIAL INTERNET SKILLS TO ENROLL OR PARTICIPATE. In fact, if you have an email address and access to a computer for a few minutes at a time you have all the skills and technology you need.

  • 2. Not your average 1-up! We chose a one up methodology because it allows you to keep 100% of the cash once your initial enrollment is received. 1-up simply means you pass the first enrollment you receive to the person who invited you into SLW in return for that person’s guidance and experience. However, a traditional 1-up requires you to give up, or pass to your inviter, every enrollment you get until a certain dollar amount is reached. With SLW’s 1-up you pass the first person along to your inviter but all other enrollments remain with you.

  • For example, if you enroll at $1000 and your first person comes in at $500 you pass the cash and the person to your inviter. However, if the second person comes in at $500 you pass the $500 to your inviter, but not the person. And, once qualified at $1000, you will always receive at least $1000 from every person you invite. Very simple. Makes sense.


$500, with a one-time admin fee of $49.

$1,000, with a one-time admin fee of $99

$2,000, with a one-time admin fee of $199

$3,500, with a one-time admin fee of $299

Each level includes the corresponding admin fee, all one time only.

  • 4. UPGRADING: You can upgrade to a higher level at any time by paying the difference between where you are and the level you want to be, and the admin fee for the higher level. So, for example, if you are at $500 and want to be at $2,000 you would pay $1,500 plus the $199 admin fee. This is one reason most people choose to enroll at the highest possible lever; e.g., if you come in, for example, at $2,000 you avoid the admin fees for the $500 and $1000 levels.

  • 5. We do a weekly conference call to support you. The number and call times are listed in the ‘So Now You’ve Joined…” Success Guide your inviter will send you once you enroll. The calls are your special advantage because they do the selling for you. And they cost you nothing! The calls inform, motivate and give credibility to you for your prospects. You do not have to attend every call – although many members do – but you should remind your prospects and members weekly of the call.

  • 6. We have a 24 hour sizzle call you can refer your prospects to. The number is listed at the end of this White Paper. Again, this is no cost to you.

  • SIMPLE LEVERAGE WORLDWIDE, THE MOST HONEST PROGRAM: We don’t try to entice you with a bunch of bogus online programs or false promises of instant wealth; all we do it show what has worked for many years, give you a simple plan and expect you to enjoy cash to your door.

– SIMPLE LEVERAGE WORLDWIDE MENTORING: The key to success with any program is getting off to a confident, fast start. This White Paper, combined with our “So Now You’ve Joined ….” Success Guide let you take the very simple nature of SLW and receive cash to your door, fast.  In other words, we expect you to succeed.



With stock market meltdowns, economic uncertainty, a poor job market, and the myriad problems with banks, credit card companies and pay processors, THERE IS NOTHING MORE PLEASING OR COMFORTING THAN CASH TO YOUR DOOR.

When you offer a cash program there are no complex pay systems, hidden costs, auto-ships, or ugly surprises that get in the way of your success.

Receiving cash deliveries to your door, often more than once daily, is fun. We can’t overstate this fact: CASH TO YOUR DOOR IS FUN.

And since the cash comes directly to you there is no middleman to hold it up, no third party to go out of business holding your money, and you can determine what to do with the cash.

– YOUR BACK OFFICE AUTOMATICALLY TRACKS AND FOLLOWS UP WITH PROSPECTS. It is really nice to know you will receive an email when someone visits your sites so you can contact them personally, but your back office is on 24 hour duty and automatically establishes the communication for you.

– CASH IS A PERSONAL CONCEPT! People want to talk to a real person before sending their cash. If you join us in the new program, make yourself available, be honest and enthusiastic, and the cash will follow.

In this time of complex internet-driven programs and very complex/confusing MLM style pay systems, a simple cash-to-your-door concept is welcome.


To enroll:

Our recommendation is always to enroll at the highest level you can afford to assure the largest cash from the beginning.

And then you can turn your thoughts to the MOST CHALLENGING QUESTION FOR MANY:

CONCLUSION: THERE IS NOTHING MORE FUN THAN RECEIVING CASH TO YOUR DOOR! We received more than 1000 cash deliveries over a 10 year period using the exact strategies we give you in our “So Now You’ve Joined ….” Success Guide and enjoyed the happy details of our members who received cash to their doors.

The key with SLW is FUN. When you enjoy what you are doing – and everyone enjoys receiving cash – you positive attitude inspires confidence in others.

So have fun and give yourself a chance to enjoy cash to your door, over and over and over again.

SLW can be promoted with postcards. People do respond from the postcards below.

THERE ARE FULL DETAILS ON HOW TO SUCCEED IN OUR ‘SO NOW YOU’VE JOINED WHITE PAPER ….” Please request it from your inviter as soon  you enroll.

Sometimes people want a picture of a program’s success so here’s a fun photo on the following page:

ADDENDUM: Here is the information for the 24 hour sizzle call and our weekly conference call; please join us.


641 715-3580, access code: 694-469-233#

Tuesday evenings

6 p.m. Pacific,

7 p.m. Mountain,

8 p.m. Central,
9 p.m. Eastern


641 715-3589, access code: 694-469-233#, and then hit # again for reference#

24 hour sizzle call: 518 530-1649

Additional resource and specific success instruction will be sent to you, once you complete your enrollment.


To a cash filled future …

Capture Page and Free Autoresponder Included HERE

Thank you.

Jack Cupp