American Bill Money Releases New JUMBO Postcards

American Bill Money just released 2 new type postcards. The ABM Jumbo Postcard for direct mail or USPS delivery to all address in any zip code. Called EDDM Every Door Direct Mail. Cost much less and no leads required. Jumbo size cards are said to have better response rate. They need a first class stamp for regular mail but should be worth it. I just ordered a 1000 of them. They’re in the ABM website order page.
The regular ABM Postcards are still available. Find out how to get 1500 or 5000 free ABM regular postcards. The Jumbo Postcards are discounted 10%  on the first order for new members. They are on the shopping cart.
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ABM WORKS Proof Video

ABM WORKS… Here’s Proof My Kitchen Table Full Of Pay Stubs… There’s a lot more since this video was taken.

Note This video is almost 2 years old. I have twice as many now, not enough room on my table for them.

Click Here For a Free Postcard/Flyer Pack In the Mail

HUGE NEWS! ABM Postcard Marketing New Easy 1UP Triple Pay Comp Plan 

Heavy Hitter ABM $900 Club Commission Plan Scroll Down

WOW 10 Members = $750 Month, 100 = $7500 Month, 1000 = $75,000 Month
Pre-Pay Members Qualify for $900 Fast Start Checks Paid next Day
$75 Month From Everyone Unlimited Width – Unlimited 1UP Depth
24/7 Live operators take orders on phone
Commissions Paid Daily and Weekly
Recorded Message 800-313-0961
Direct Mail Leads Included
Customized Postcards $75 a 1000
A+ Better Business Bureau Rating
Works Great Online Too!

Questions Call Jack 480-258-3097

ABM Rocks

Yes get your free American Bill Money postcard and flyer mailed to your home. Real USPS mail (USA Only)

Just fill out the short form and I’ll mail it today. Find out how only 10 members who join you in ABM gets you $750 a month. How about a 100 members gets you $7500 a month? Nice… Checks are mailed out every Friday for the people who paid in the 7 previous days. No waiting here, ABM rocks! Works great online and with videos too. Anyone can do this and make money.

Here’s the ABM website

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