How to Get 1000 or 2500 Free ABM Postcards NEW 5000 Free Postcards

YES! Get 1000 or 2500 Free American Bill Money Postcards by joining one of the two Pre-Pay choices.

Get either 1,000 Postcards Included with the 6 month Pre-Pay OR 2,500 Postcards Included with the 12 month Pre-Pay membership. No monthly autoship with either choice. The 6 month option is $750 for the 1000 free postcards, pays a $450 commission. The 12 month option is $1500 for the 2500 postcards and no autoship for a year. Pays $900 commission. There’s also a new Deluxe Pre-Pay membership that pays sponsor $1200 and his 2 upline members $300 each. New member gets 5000 FREE Postcards.

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