Always Good News From American Bill Money Owner

Good news from Paul  the owner of ABM today. Two new autoship members plus a new Pre-Pay member joined today. $1050 additional check on the way. ABM Rocks…. He or she will be getting 5000 free customized postcards and qualified for the $900 Pre-Pay commissions. Smart move. Serious marketers offline and online should really look at the ABM Pre-Pay membership. You are member for a year with no monthly autoship and you receive the 5000 FREE Customized postcards. Better yet you are then qualified for the $900 paid next day Pre-Pay commissions. You still get all the $75 monthly residual commissions paid every week for members paying the previous 7 days. Join today…. either way…. Contact me from the websites….

Income proof here….

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ABM Is Booming – Get a FREE Postcard and Flyer Pack in the Mail

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Join today and get ready for those $75 in the mail daily and monthly residual income. Better yet join pre-pay and get 5000 free postcards and no monthly autoship, even better yet you will be qualified for the $900 Pre-pay commissions paid next day after your new Pre-Pay members joins you!

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