My American Bill Money Commissions Paid for My Airplane

I’ve been with ABM over 3 years now and love it, nothing beats it.
In 3 years my monthly income is over twice what my Social Security checks are after many years or working. I just bought an airplane (photo below), thanks to my ABM commissions. Picture attached. Like any business it takes time and effort but pays off.
Best comp plan……. My business more than doubled since the 1UP comp plan started.
10 members pay $750 a month, 100 members = $7500 a month.
Checks are mailed out 6 days a week.
24/7 live operators take orders.
Company answers questions and closes sales.
Proven in business 14 years.
Works online and offline.
Only 2 members pays autoship cost. Beat that!!
Go here… Click all the tabs on top, listen to the
recordings at the bottom. Join Today…..

My hobby is flying experimental home built airplanes. I just bought this one with some of the ABM commissions I have received. Called a Challenger I.