American Bill Money Better Than Ever

I’ve been with ABM over 6 years and it just keeps getting better. Checks are mailed every Friday. I get a nice one every week. You can too, just join and go to work. It’s well worth it. Go to watch the short webinar video and be able to receive a nice join bonus if you join through the webinar link. Get a FREE ABM Postcard and flyer in the mail. Just go to link above and enter your info. I’ll mail it today. Here’s another video the explains the super 3UP comp plan money maker. CLICK HERE

American Bill Money’s New Deluxe Training Membership

The new ABM Deluxe Membership online training program has now been activated. It is a very detailed website training on Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, List Building Lead Generation, Email Marketing, Facebook Courses, Youtube Courses, Twitter Courses, Instagram Courses, Linkedin Courses and Personal Development with more being added. The ABM Deluxe Membership also includes the added 3 Level Unilevel Comp Plan. That combined with the 3UP Plan can help you build a huge residual income from home. Here’s a video that explains some of the training. More info on the American Bill Money opportunity here.
Also Deluxe members get a 33% Discount on all postcard orders. Postcards have always been the main way to market ABM. Very easy for anyone.

American Bill Money New Co-Op Pays BigTime

Good ABM news. Their new American Bill Money CO-OP looks great. It now also includes their online and video promos. The company does a 5000 postcard mailing for 10 members. Less than the costs to purchase and mail 500 cards for yourself. The online and video promotions show up on Google searches. Big deal. I bought my share tonight. See the new promo videos here. Best comp plan in home biz. Only 10 people pays $750 month. Work hard 100 members pays $7500 a month. I get a nice check every week. Join ABM now for a prosperous New Year. Merry Christmas

American Bill Money Postcard Cash Plan

With American Bill Money YOU Get $75 Month From ALL Your Members Unlimited Width and 3UP Depth. Only 10 members = $750 a month, 100 Members = $7,500 a month, Group of 1000 = $75,000 a month. No MLM can do that. Only $125 a month for 150 names on stickers for mailing. Pays $75 a month on all members, unlimited width and 3up depth. Two Pre-Pay Membership Options. 6 Months for $750, pays $450 commissions. One year option $1500, paus $900 commissions. Weekly checks mailed every Friday. Company has a hands co-op if wanted, they do the mailing, you get paid. 3 online capture pages available, the company autoresponder does all the selling for you. Company closes the sales. 24/7 live operators take orders over the phone. ABM takes calls, answers questions and closes the sale for you and YOU GET PAID. What more can you ask for? High quality postcards and cover letter flyers available. Just go here, watch the webinar video for a free special join bonus.


Just had a new member join me in ABM through the companies new postcard.
They have 3 new postcard versions. Pic below. ABM does 90% of the work. All you have to do is join and mail the postcards They do the rest. Automated email system (autoresponder), answer questions, followup if needed, close the sale. You get the commission, $75 a month. Only 10 members = $750 a month. Easy. Here’s the main ABM website The 3UP comp plan is working great. I had 2 passups this week also.

American Bill Money for Real Residual Income

YES! ABM Proven Residual Income. Checks mailed every week for 16 years. I get one every week.

Click Here For a Free Postcard/Flyer Pack In the Mail

HUGE NEWS! ABM Postcard Marketing New Easy 3UP  Comp Plan 

WOW 10 Members = $750 Month, 100 = $7500 Month, 1000 = $75,000 Month

$75 Month From Everyone Unlimited Width – Unlimited 3UP Depth
24/7 Live operators take orders on phone
Commissions  Paid Weekly
Recorded Message 800-313-0961 or Go To
Direct Mail Leads Included

Customized Postcards $149 a 1000
A+ Better Business Bureau Rating
Works Great Online Too!

3 New ABM Postcard Choices