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Sept 9th, 2014


The American Bill Money Business is Great! You never know what a postcard may bring. Could be $25, Could be $75 or $300 like I received below. my 2 upline sponsors also received $300. (prepay for the year)

Then on the next month the residual income kicks in, $25 per member with the ABM affiliate pay plan. Fast start checks mailed the next day, residual income checks mailed weekly and monthly!

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American Bill Money

Our 24 hr. System Sells for You.

We have Live Operators to take your orders 24/7.

$75 Fast Start Bonus Per Customer – Paid Daily.

Earn A HUGE Monthly Residual Income!

Work with a 10 Yr. Old Company. (A+ BBB Rating)

Exclusive Turnkey Team Marketing System
___Capture Page Plus Autoresponder System.

Great Upline Support & Much More!

More Info…….

Join our Top Team and we can set you up with a free online marketing website

Go Offline With Our Proven Daily Pay System
No Internet Skills Required – No Computer Required
This is a silent giant generating income for 10 years

You just found a real USA only Postcard Marketing Goldmine
So easy, anyone can do this, take a look and find out how easy this is. Fastest way to $1000 a month and then on from there…
*** $75 Fast Start Bonuses Paid Daily For Over 10 Years
*** Residual $25 Per Member Pay Weekly and Monthly
*** Not MLM a 3 Level Affiliate Super Pay System
*** Online Pay Too With Our Team Free Online Marketing System

NEW!!! $25 Trial Membership Get 100% Commissions Daily Pay

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Recorded Messages on Next Website Plus Information on Company, Comp Plan and Products Available

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 photo TPPCARD_zpsb73fdb25.jpg

The Peoples Program  is the most highly respected

Cash Gifting Program  available, and continues to prove itself daily!!!

The People’s Program is committed to supporting you by consistently giving you the absolute best marketing tools & training available for The Peoples Program Cash Gifting.  As a member of TPP you and your future enrollments will receive training and mentoring that is available only to TPP Members.

Here Is a Sampling Of What We Offer

  • Hands Free Marketing and Prospecting System.
  • Member Back Office: One of the things that makes The Peoples Program unique to all otherCash Gifting Programs is its Program Interface and Member Back Office.  It is here that the program automatically handles the administration of all your members and prospective members.  Through your back office you have Full Control over your account settings, website, auto-responder, training, and so much more.
  • Full Member Support Center: You will Never be left out in the cold. Help is always there for you any time you need it.
  • Exclusive Resource Center for TPP Members that includes an Advertising Portal complete with the following:  Postcard Marketing System, Voice Broadcasting,  and Live Lead Generation Complete Video Training Back Office with the following training modules: Aweber, Web 2.0, Safelist, Web Tools, SEO Traffic, Ezine/Solo Ads, Google Adwords, Ad Copy Center, Press Releases, Social Networking, Article/Directory, Quick Start Guide, Online Classifieds, Newspapers & Magazines,Webinar/Call Archive. These courses that if purchased separately would cost hundreds of dollars.  With The Peoples Program Top Team, they are all included FREE.
  • Fully customizable Replicated Website, with NO web hosting required, and complete with video landing page, with 13 different design choices to choose from.  Curious about what it looks like?  Then go to my personal website site hosted by The Peoples Program at: and as a test, sign up for more information, and see for yourself the level of automation The Peoples Program offers, plus gain access to the main site, and gain valuable insight by having a chance to check it all out for yourself, and see what you think.
  • Auto-Responder Sign Up Form complete with 21 pre-written emails to all of your prospects who land on your page, and NO technical knowledge needed.
  • Ability to broadcast your prospects an instant message or newsletter.
  • Automated ability to track your gifts from your receiving lines, along with the ability to confirm gifts and upgrades.
  • Our Team Leaders within TPP have OUR OWN TEAM CONFERENCE CALLS,  and Training.  We all work together as a unit to help each other and new TPP Members.  Failure is simply NOT Our Plan For YOU!!

To Receive Thousands Of Dollars To Your Door You Need To Do A Few Very Simple Things

  • Drive sufficient, targeted and qualifed traffic to your website.  Easily done.  Especially if you plug into our “hands free” automated system.
  • Focus on conversion.
  • Not everyone will join the same day but some will.  Others join after receiving a few of our automated follow-up letters or after conversing with you or our Team Leader, such as myself…I am here to Help You Succeed!

It’s easy to receive Cash Gifts daily if you have enough high quality leads.  You can have more prospects than you can handle if you have an Effective System.  It’s all about traffic (people) and conversion (people who join).  Using our Cash Gifting System will bring you quality prospects.

The best part about our system is that it does most of the work.

  • You don’t have to sell or cold call anyone EVER.
  • Prospects actually call you and tell you they are ready to get started.

In The Peoples Program Cash Gifting System you won’t find “Fluff” or “Hype”.  We will show you proven On Line & Off Line Marketing Techniques that Work.  These are the same techniques that many gifters in TPP use to receive multiple thousands of dollars each week.  It is common for gifters in TPP to experience $500 or more per day when they plug into our system.

If you would like to join a Top Rated Supportive Team and have access to an Experienced Team Leader and all of the training, then Contact Me right away and ask me how to get started.  I am DEDICATED to HELPING YOU SUCCEED

These are Simple, Proven, Cash Generating  Method’s anyone can do, and I WILL PERSONALLY HELP YOU!!

Choosing the Right Team is VITAL to YOUR SUCCESS

The FIRST most important part in choosing a successful Cash Gifting Program, is to first off choose the right program.There are many different types of Cash Gifting Programs out there, but only The Peoples Program delivers more automation, marketing ability, and trust than any other program.  That’s why I joined, and why I chose to stake my business reputation on this program.

The SECOND most important part in choosing a successful Cash Gifting Program, is signing up with theRIGHT TEAM.

Your Team will determine the Outcome of Your Success…

We are The Most Successful Team in the History of The Peoples Program.  Because We Provide REAL SUPPORT andREAL HELP to our valued Members

In addition to all the powerful tools, training, webinar’s, conference calls and automation that comes with membership in The Peoples Program; our team (Top Team) provides our members additional tools, tips, and guidance that will get you on the fast track receiving large and numerous sums of Cash Gifts.

Here is what OUR TEAM offers OUR MEMBERS

  • You will receive our own “Getting Started Quickly” guide that is loaded with additional guidance and resources to really help you get started FAST.  It comes from OUR EXPERIENCE as a Team, and comes from REAL LIFE successes.
  • Every Tuesday Night we have our own conference calls that you can invite your prospects to. This call alone literally “sells” the program on your behalf. Forget about doing your own selling. You don’t have too, because our team will do all the selling for you, and your prospects can ask us their questions, and get them answered. We have proven results.
  • Also Every Tuesday night is our training call for our members only. We all get to participate in the discussion, and can ask questions, get them answered, and learn the newest and latest marketing tips, along with what is working, and what is not. this is a great call, and only Our Team offers it.
  • As YOUR TPP Top Sponsor will help you with your prospects by joining in on three way calls, so you learn how to run your activity through real hands on training.
  • My members all have access to my email and personal phone number, and so will you. You can contact me for help anytime, and if I don’t have an answer, I will find one and call you back. We are in this together, and when you succeed, we succeed, that’s how the program is designed, and it WORKS!!



Nov 12th, 2014

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