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Nov 8th, 2015

Here’s the ABM company Website Free Postcard Rewards page. I’ve been with American Bill Money 2 years and it just keep getting better. I still make a mistake a and join some other online biz once and while. What a waste of  time.                                                    Today I dumped my advertising on about 3 other deals. 100% ABM.

Here’s the American Bill Money product Page…

Here’s the new ABM Postcard for 2016 just released… AANEWABMCARD

Nov 6th, 2015

Here’s our team exclusive free American Bill Money Capture Page/Autoresponder system

Sept 22nd, 2015

Another good day with ABM. I received an email from Paul earlier that a new member had just joined me with autoship. I’m on the every other 4 new members plan where I get the full commissions monthly, $75 a month. Then I just received another email from him a new Yearly Pre-Pay member joined, he landed on that set of 4 also, that’s a $900 check in the mail tomorrow. After you bring in 35 members on autoship you receive the full commission monthly and not have to share with upline. After a 100 new members you get the full commission monthly. It sure pays to stay with ABM and push push push…

Over the last month I have received 8 or 9 more checks from ABM.

Aug 24th, 2015

ABM Rocks, best call ever from Paul owner of American Bill Money. He just informed me I had a new member join today on the Pre-Pay membership. That’s a $900 check in the mail because of the new enhanced comp plan. (1/2 Direct Deluxe – Call me for details). Also one of my new members just had a Pre-Pay member join. That’s $300 to him, myself and my sponsor. Plus I received a weekly residual of $150. $1350 day! I’ll never leave ABM! Pictures on the way. I don’t post every check I get here. There’s been been many others.

April 18th, 2015

Lesson I Learned From Paul Korzeniowski, American Bill Money President.  With over 28 years plus of being his own boss, my good friend has shown me how to be successful also. In 2003 he started American Bill Money has been the best thing to happen to me. He has shown me how to make extra residual income right from home. Check out ABM and let me know what you think. ABM has been around since 2003 and is still going stronger than ever today!


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Here’s our American Bill Money free marketing system, capture page, tour page and autoresponder system. This is exclusive for our top team members only. After joining ABM and getting your ID# you can fill out the form on the second page to get your free system. All of out team members can provide this website to your their new members. (free)

YES! Postcard Residual Income, postcard mlm creates serious income…

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April 9th, 2015

How to get 3200 extra free customized postcards with ABM. Just join as a Pre-Pay Member and receive the free cards on top of the 1800 you would usually get. Yes, join the American Bill Money Heavy Hitter Club. Also No Autoship!  Click Here –> ABM


April 8th. 2015

American Bill Money Facts, Rewards and FAQ’s. There’s more than
just mailing postcards with ABM. Treat it like a business and
do whatever it takes to find a few good people. The ABM residual income comp plan can’t be beat.
Pages below from the company website explain. Plus $300, $75 and $25 fast start checks are mailed daily.

April 4th 2015

I would like to send you a free American Bill Money high quality glossy postcard. Not a cheap ugly postcard like some of the junk cards many companies and their affiliates mail out. Just enter your info on the website here….

March 28th, 2015

Did You Know? You Can Make Serious Income ONLINE with American Bill Money Too!
Many people don’t realize that serious money can be
made with American Bill Money on the Internet. The
postcards are the basic part of the program. Our
team also has free online capture pages with a free
autoresponder. You can promote by email or any other
way online. I can help with that.

I had a long conversation with Paul the owner of ABM the other day. Good news for the future. Join and Stay with ABM it will pay off big time. I would like to send you one of our high quality ABM postcards. Enter your info below and I’ll have it in the mail today.

 When you combine the ABM comp plan with online marketing

you can generate some really serious fast start $75 checks
and residual income.

Here’s our free system for paid members only…
Capture Page
All that plus the company answers the phone and closes sales for you.
And….. people can join on the phone 24/7 with ABM’s live call center.

Fill out the form and on the second page you will
see the simple form to create your own system. (members with ID# only)

You can get started now on the company page here..
Short on funds? Not a big deal, you can join with a one time $25
as a trial member. Details on the join page.

March 15th, 2015

My American Bill Money paycheck stubs for a little over a year in the business. Fills up our kitchen table, several 100 from $25 to hundreds. ABM mails out checks 6 days a week. Fast Start Checks mailed daily, next day after new member joins. Residual paychecks are paid weekly and monthly. No internet skills required. Picture taken today 3/15/15 My old camera has an old date embedded in the pic..


Feb 26, 2015

FREE COPY – Think and Grow Rich – By Napoleon Hill free ebook – original 1937 version by Napoleon Hill. Go to click on EXTRAS then Personal Development. There’s other self development ebooks and videos there also.

Good News a new member joined ABM with me last night from a postcard I mailed on New Years Eve. It’s going to be a great year for Direct Mail / Postcard Marketing. If you’re starting to get tired of the Online Rat Race American Bill Money is a great option for home income. Everyone can place a sticker and a stamp on a postcard. Very few make real money online.


December 26th, 2014

I hope you had a great Holiday and are ready for a healthy
and prosperous 2015……………
I plan on doing it with my American Bill Money business…
Offline and Online….

American Bill Money

Send me your mailing address and I’ll mail you an American Bill Money Postcard.

See the card, see how the system works. Serious income with no Internet or computer skills  required. A real “Business in a Box”. Leads and postcards included.
Email Me

Another Check From American Bill Money

I get them Daily, Weekly and Monthly – ABM has been mailing out checks 6 days a week for 11 years! A real “Business in a Box” Postcards and leads included every month.  LOOK HERE

Sept 9th, 2014


The American Bill Money Business is Great! You never know what a postcard may bring. Could be $25, Could be $75 or $300 like I received below. my 2 upline sponsors also received $300. (prepay for the year)

Then on the next month the residual income kicks in, $25 per member with the ABM affiliate pay plan. Fast start checks mailed the next day, residual income checks mailed weekly and monthly!

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Recorded Messages on Next Website Plus Information on Company, Comp Plan and Products Available


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American Bill Money

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Recorded Messages on Next Website Plus Information on Company, Comp Plan and Products Available

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